An old song tune
Or something on the t.v.
Those flowers blooming in the garden
Or the lullaby singing bees
When I look at the sky
The shapeless clouds floating by
The garden grass we sat on
The endless jokes we cracked on and on
How I loved when we wore the same colour
There was so much to share and talk
How we met, just for a walk
Your cute stares caught hold of me
There was so much you wanted to be
Our playful conversations
Your quick remarks
How we made fun of each other
How I loved it when we were together
As the days go on
The play of dusk and dawn
Though distance between us is of miles
We are tied together with smiles
I know we are happy where we are
Beneath the same moon and stars
Soon enough, we will meet again
Remember, how we got wet in the rain?
I’ll tease you again
Saying do you need my jacket
Life is long, I know we will make it
To the end where we want to be
Nothing can seperate us
Trust is what binds you and meImage